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Here's what people are saying:

Elayne, your tips and comments are to the point, fresh and inspiring.
—Michele Bender, freelance writer-Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Glamour and Health

Dr. Savage's advice is media-savvy and succinct. She provides clever insights and realistic strategies that will make you say 'wow, that's good!'.
—Nicole Beland, contributor to Men's Health and Cosmopolitan

Elayne Savage is an expert you can rely on. She knows what she's talking about. She presents her ideas in a way readers find entertaining. Informative too.
Every time I quote her, she's absolutely spot on!

Hugh Wilson, Freelance Journalist
Manchester, United Kingdom

Your answers were just what I was looking for - simple, direct, and clear!
Trudi Trueit
Author, Scholastic Press Books

Your quotes & credits really helped make the article shine. I appreciate
how promptly you responded to my interview request and how thoroughly you answered all my questions via e-mail.
Thanks for being so helpful!

Harriet Schechter, freelance writer and the author of "Let Go of Clutter" (McGraw-Hill)


Elayne's Appearances:

Online (Partial List)


Radio and TV (Partial List)

  • Prime Time Justice, Court TV
  • The Maury Povich Show
  • People are Talking
  • National Public Radio
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
  • David Brenner Show
  • Ivanhoe Broadcast News
  • ZDTV
  • BBC World News
  • CBS Radio News
  • ABC Radio News
  • Radio Free Europe
  • Local stations across the USA

Magazines (Partial List)

  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Self
  • Shape
  • Reader's Digest
  • Modern Bride
  • Women's Health
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • Men's Fitness Magazine
  • Men's Health Magazine
  • Working Mother Magazine
  • New Woman (UK)
  • Woman's World
  • First Woman
  • Jump Magazine
  • Cosmo Girl!
  • Seventeen Magazine
  • College Bound Magazine
  • Human Resources Magazine
  • Transaction World
  • San Francisco Magazine
  • Bridal Guide Magazine

Newspapers and Syndication (Partial List)

  • USA Today
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Francisco Examiner
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • The Portland Oregonian
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Newsday
  • London Observer Sunday Magazine
  • The London Guardian
  • Denver Rocky Mountain News
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • The Oakland Tribune
  • The Orange County Register
  • San Diego Union-Tribune
  • The Associated Press
  • King Features
  • Gannet News Service
  • Knight Ridder Newspapers
  • Newhouse News Service
  • Hearst Newspapers
  • Los Angeles Times Syndicate



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