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Elayne Savage is an awesome speaker. Her skills in interacting with the audience are superior. Elayne's presentation, ‘How Come You Can't Read My Mind? Handling Expectations and Disappointments,’ was fascinating, providing me with many useful ideas for my business.
Cathy Mu, CPA
Tax and Financial Services, Walnut Creek, CA

elayne savage quoteElayne, your 'Developing Your Expertise' Workshop is the perfect jump-start for creating marketing tools, finishing my book and developing my web site.

I'm constantly using your step-by-step recommendations for writing proposals and sending out query letters. Most of all, with your help, I'm taking bold steps to make myself visible! Thank you, Elayne, for your inspiration.
Val Robinson, MA,
Santa Cruz and Fremont, CA

elayne savage quoteI was incredibly inspired by our time together in your 'Getting Published' workshop! Like a bolt out of the blue I discovered my passion for writing about a recent life-changing event. It was like a reverie was concretized with no conscious effort.

I appreciate the intimacy, permission to ask questions and your valuable strategies and tips. Thanks, Elayne, for providing me with this treasured experience.
Claire Ungar, MFT

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for a WONDERFUL seminar! It was truly valuable.

I wish we had another hour or so to take in even more of your terrific information.
Deborah Blackburn, MA, LMFT
Oakland, CA

Elayne, thanks for such an upbeat, informative and useful workshop. I love your good energy and enthusiasm.

You make it easy to ask questions and you gave me what I hoped for the nuts and bolts and motivation to get started.
Kirsten Meadows, LMFT
Albany, CA

Elayne, you are a wonderful influence. Your inspiring workshop has helped me to build confidence in places I never knew I could.
Robin Raniero

Elayne, thank you for this valuable workshop. I applaud how you share your personal experiences. You are very respectful, with a great sense of humor. I especially appreciate the resources and professional referrals you provide.
Nina Rodrigues, MA, LMFT
Oakland and San Francisco CA

Your ‘Developing Your Expertise’ Workshop is even more valuable then I imagined — providing a bridge between my work and ways to reach out to others.

I love your energy, your attitude and your presentation. You provide a very useful road map on how to navigate through the process of presenting, publishing and interviewing.
I'm looking forward to future consultations with you,

Mindy McHugh, LMFT, RN
San Ramon, CA

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